Apex High School Chorus 2022-2023 Calendar *for a grade


29- 1st day of school/Mum sale, Cheesecake/Cookie Dough  begins checks to APAB


6- Mum orders/Money due

9-1st deposit Orlando due $200 non refundable, $50 Fall Retreat money due checks to APAB

16- Cheesecake/cookie dough orders/money due

19- Week of Mums Delivery

24- NC Honors Chorus Auditions Fayetteville Methodist College Times TBA


4- Informance/Parent Meeting All Classes 6:00 Auditorium Call time kids 5:00 *

    Dress $80/Tux $170 Money Due, $35 Fall Retreat due Checks to APAB 

13-Collegiate Choral Symposium 11th/12th Grade Fuquay Varina HS 7:00


1- Poinsettia/Butterbraid Fundraiser Begins, NC Honors Chorus Zone Rehearsal Enloe 3:30-5:30

5-6- NC Honors Chorus Winston Salem

14-Poinsettia and Butterbraid Orders/Money- Fairshare due 1st/3rd $100, 2nd $80 Checks to APAB

18-19- 1st/3rd Period Fall Retreat Camp Oak Hills 


2-Tree Lighting Ceremony Apex Downtown around dark details TBA 1st/3rd period *

5-poinsettia delivery week

15- Winter Concert Rehearsal 2:30-4:30 All Classes Chorus Room*

19- Winter Concert Dress Rehearsal 2:30-5:30 Auditorium *

20-Winter Concert 7:00 Call Time kids 5:30 Auditorium All Classes *

January (reserved for Musical Rehearsals)

6- $190 due Orlando checks to APAB

27-28- Wingate University 9/10, 11/12 

February (reserved for Musical Rehearsals)

4-ECU Tenor/Bass Festival 1st period


3- Peak Ensemble Rehearsals 3-4:30 Friendship HS Chorus Room 1st/3rd Periods *

6- Peak Ensemble Concert 7:00 (Activities begin at noon-dinner provided for kids) 1st/3rd Periods *

10-MPA Rehearsal All classes 2:30-4:00 Chorus Room *

13- Spring Flower Sale Begins

14-MPA Meredith College All Classes Time TBA *

27- Spring Flower Money and orders due


10- Mandatory Orlando Rehearsal Apex HS 3-5:30 (Dinner served for kids), Chaperone

      Meeting 6:00, Mandatory Participant Parent Meeting 6:30 Apex HS

13-16- Orlando All Classes

18- Chorus Rehearsal all classes Chorus Room 2:30-4:00 *

19- Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal 2:30-5:30 Auditorium All Classes *

20- Spring Concert 7:00 Auditorium All Classes Call Time Kids 5:30 *


1-Spring Flower Delivery Week

30-31-Pops Concert Rehearsals 2:30-4:00 All Classes *


1-2- Pops Concert Auditorium 7:00 Kids call time 6:00 All Classes *

5-Banquet 4-6 All Classes Place TBA